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Domestic Violence

We provide the highest quality research driven Evidenced Based Classes to help break the patterns & habits of abusive relationships. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to have loving, kind, happy, healthy relationships. By attending one of our programs you can learn how to change bad habits and put an end to your own abusive words and actions.

Many people who come to our programs completely on their own and are not court ordered. We do our best to treat everyone how we would want to be treated; with courtesy, compassion, and respect.

Our services are much different, better, and safer than anger management counseling programs. As a matter of fact, as an intervention for abusive behavior, typical anger management counseling, mental health counseling, or couples counseling can easily make the problem worse and may escalate the violence or abusive behavior. Couples counseling can be very productive and helpful. But definitely not until abuse in the relationship stops.

Domestic Violence Program

The ARS Domestic Violence Program features a batterers’ program and domestic violence counseling.