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Driver Intervention Program (DIP)

The state of Ohio has mandatory sentencing for individuals convicted of OVI which, some refer to as DUI.
If an individual is convicted of a first offense OVI or DUI, there is a minimum mandatory jail sentence of 3 days. The Court can also allow you to participate in a 72-hour/3 day, Driver Intervention Program (DIP) instead as long as it is completed in a state approved program.

An Alternative to Incarceration

Advanced Recovery Services, Inc. provides a 3-day alternative to incarceration DIP program that includes education, screening, and assessment. Contact us for pricing and ask about our customized programs.

72-Hour DIP Program (Before or After Conviction):

  • Certified by the State of Ohio.
  • Provides initial screening assessment, testing, educational services, group and individual sessions, intervention, and recommendations.
  • Offered as an alternative to incarceration for those arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse.
  • The purpose is to provide intervention services mandated by the legal system for OVI offenders.
  • It helps members recognize the seriousness of an OVI and the need to stop drinking and driving.
  • The program accomplishes this through education and referral services.
  • The goal is to help reduce the amount of OVI cases in the community by promoting safety through education.

DIP Program Rules & Regulations:

  • You must be free from the influence of drugs and/or alcohol for at least 72-hours prior to being admitted into the program.
  • If you are found or suspected of using drugs and/or alcohol during the program you will be dismissed and will only be allowed to be re-admitted at the court's request.
  • A name tag is required at all times.
  • Cellphones must be powered off during all lectures/groups.
  • Emergency, incoming calls will be received at the main desk and will be relayed to the staff.
  • Gambling is not permitted at the program site.
  • Smoking is allowed during breaks and between lectures in the designated smoking area(s) only.
  • Listening devices, magazines, newspapers, and etc. must remain in your rooms at all times.
  • You are to remain in the hotel area at all times.
  • Prescription medications will remain in the counselor's room.
  • Prompt attendance to scheduled items are expected.
  • Overly belligerent behavior will not be tolerated.
  • You must remain at the program for the entire 72 hours. If you leave prior to completing the program in its entirety, a refund will not be provided. You will be allowed to return and a complete a new 72-HR program in its entirety.
  • Guests are not permitted.
  • Advanced Recovery Services, Inc. will report your non-compliance, staff evaluations of your attitude/progress, and follow-up recommendations if any.

DIP Pre-registration